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Pamela Hirschhorn
I just heard an American Transit Case where prior arbitrators found that the workers Comp defense was without merit. Some claims were paid. Respondent’s counsel stated that 50k in basic PIP has been…
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emma blisa
We are looking for automation processes and we read about automation anywhere . We do have regular automated functional testing tool. Why cant we use them in production versus buying huge license…
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Andrew Horn
In Breeze Acupuncture, P.C. v Allstate Ins. Co. (2018 NY Slip Op 50138(U)), the insurer sought to modify a judgment to "zero on grounds that (the) insured exhausted no-fault the limits of the…
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David Allgeyer
I was honored to be named to the Silicon Valley Arbitration and Mediation Center's 2018 List of the World’s Leading Technology Neutrals. SVAMC does not administer or provide arbitration services, but serves ADR providers and users. For details please visit:
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Does AAA (or JAMS or any other institution) also administer international class arbitration cases? Where parties (Claimants and/or Respondent) come from different countries, mostly outside the USA,…
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Joanne Andreotta
First case involving same patient/different provider I ruled against the Respondent on a staged accident defense.  Case No. 17-16-1042-8794.  My decision was appealed and affirmed by Master Peter…
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Martin Schulman
With the new wave of pharmaceutical cases one never knows what we are getting into. I recently wrote a decision that may be of interest relating to No Fault as a conduit to the world of controlled…
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David Allgeyer
New ABA Webinar March 14, 2018. First in a series.

The first webinar is set for March 14, entitled:  "Setting the Stage for a Successful Commercial Arbitration." This first part of a two-part series provides practical guidance on representing parties in the key early stages of a commercial arbitration. Featuring ABA book authors Harrie Samaras, David Newman, and me.

David Allgeyer
  Many lawyers include arbitration clauses in their retainer agreements with their clients. Arbitration offers a faster, less expensive, and more private way to deal with fee disputes or claims made…
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Louis Ferraro
Hi! I am in a contractual dispute with a supplier and was told binding arbitration is less expensive and can be finalized in a timely fashion. What is the range in time of how long the process…
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