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Anthony Bianchino
Is anyone having trouble logging onto Modria
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Charles Sloane
Just saw this decision in the NYLJ. Motion made by carrier to uphold EUO no show defense.  Court, on its own in C-K denied motion based upon the fact that the affidavit by claims "did not indicate if…
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Martin Schulman
With the new wave of pharmaceutical cases one never knows what we are getting into. I recently wrote a decision that may be of interest relating to No Fault as a conduit to the world of controlled…
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David Allgeyer
Making the Most of Arbitration and Mediation in IP and Technology Cases. Mediation and arbitration for IP and technology disputes is now commonplace. Success with those processes, however, requires…
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Your Arbitration Process Should be Economical and Efficient, see Sec.1:112.
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I recently began a fact-finding report by observing:…
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If anyone is looking to relocate I have office space available.  Quiet, clean, ample parking, GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD. Fridge, coffee maker/tea, microwave, restroom, receptionist.  Conference room that is…
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International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards Date: June 19, 2014 Place: Hilton New York Hotel, 1335 Sixth Avenue, New York
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David Allgeyer
Below is the text of an announcement for an ADR program I am very happy to be part of. For more information, please go to:…
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