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David Allgeyer
After 35 years of firm practice, I am forming my own ADR practice.  You can reach me at Allgeyer Law & ADR, 900 IDS Center, 80 South 8th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402. 
phone:  612 227-8715.        
David Allgeyer
In past articles, I’ve discussed the attitude lawyers may have to arbitrating business disputes.  Some hate it.  They simply do not believe that arbitration actually saves time or money.  They will…
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Aric J. Garza
I am a AAA Commercial and Consumer Panel Arbitrator handling matters in South Central Texas. I joined the AAA in July 2014 and have handled or have been assigned over 20 cases since that time. My office is in San Antonio, but I'm able to travel for hearings. ( Email me directly at with questions or requests. Thank you.
Michael Vaughn
I am a realtor and my client just cancelled the listing. I went to the MLS to change the status and found out that they had signed up with another agent two weeks ago. What are my options? I…
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David Allgeyer
Your client, headquartered in the United States, asks you to prepare an agreement.  Let’s say it’s a supply agreement.  The supplier is from a foreign country.  Let’s say China.  You are fairly sure…
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Amanda Kronin

Good morning fellow arbitrators! I just wanted to share our new arbitrator office at 185 Willis Avenue, suite 3 in Mineola. Drew Gewuerz, Marina O'Leary invite you to stop by! We also have some days still available at complétive monthly rent for anyone interested!

Martin Schulman
In a recent posting under a different heading there was the suggestion that the nature of the Modria format itself created the need for Arbitrators to expend unreasonably amounts of time to evaluate…
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Valerie Jefferson
I am searching for answer and Arbitrator that was over this class action case of "FLSA" ATU Local 1560 v Transdev.......... (Valerie Jefferson as leading the class action
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Andrew Horn
Is the insurance carrier entitled to offset the amounts paid for social security disability benefits and from a disability pension?
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David Allgeyer
I am happy to announce that my new  book, Arbitrating Patent Disputes: A Practical Guide came out today.    If you are interested, it is easiest to Google: "David Allgeyer ABA Arbitrating Patent…
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