Did you know the American Arbitration Association offers a variety of Labor Training Programs from novice/beginner levels to advanced trainings?


Parties often and eagerly look for cost-effective approaches to streamline labor arbitration. American Arbitration Association’s (AAA’s) Labor Division, provides a variety of à la carte offerings and training programs. Regardless of whether you represent unions or management, the AAA’s Labor Management Dispute Resolution Services can create the best-fit approach to your educational needs at competitive and cost-effective rates.


The AAA offers multiple trainings and programs yearly in our local offices. If advocates are unable to attend these trainings and programs, the AAA regularly creates personalized in-house trainings. AAA’s in-house training provides the participants with the luxury to tailor the program to fit their particular needs. This allows a participant to focus on grievance processing, negotiation techniques, specific topics such as past practice, credibility, contract interpretation, social media, workplace bullying, etc., mediation and even mock arbitration training, dependent on the practical realities of the participant’s business. A few of the programs are highlighted below:

  • Introduction to Labor Advocacy, which provides both a foundation and accurate depiction of how to navigate through your first labor arbitration.
  • Perfecting your Labor Advocacy, which is a practical, active and hands-on training. You will learn how to navigate through the grievance processing stage to the conclusion of the hearing, with refresher materials from the Introduction to Labor Advocacy Training.
  • Negotiation Training, which provides a better understanding of conflict and its impact on the workplace and the multiple perspectives of negotiations.


The trainings offer advocates a glimpse into the practice of labor relations. They introduce participants to the skills required to present a case to an arbitrator in a multi-faceted learning approach. Participants observe lectures and engage in facilitated discussions and practical exercises, with experienced faculty examining best practices and strategies to develop a strong theory of the case, choose between oral or written opening and closing arguments, prepare an opening or closing argument, present evidence in an arbitration setting, and prepare and work with witnesses. The final stage of these training programs is to educate participants on the drafting and review of a standard or reasoned Award.


AAA’s in-house trainings have a large draw in the field of negotiation techniques in addition to case preparation courses. Negotiation trainings within labor relations are beneficial to both union and management representatives. The AAA has created numerous cultivating programs, which give participants the foundation for understanding the principles of grievance negotiation; the foundation of negotiation theory and best practices for negotiators so that their strategies will be effective and produce acceptable outcomes. Traditionally, negotiations can fall into one or a mixture of two styles- a competitive, distributive character or a collaborative, integrative style. Once basic negotiation theories are understood, it is much easier to select the appropriate strategies that will drive the participants to the best results. This type of training can be effective because negotiation techniques can be used within multi-facets in a work place.


In conclusion, training and talent development in any organization is ongoing and necessary. It is in every representative’s best interest to continue to nurture and polish their skills within their field. When it comes to training and education, the AAA appreciates that one size does not fit all, and we stand ready, willing and able to customize a training that fits your needs.


Contact your local AAA Labor Office for more details.