• Out now: Arbitrating Patent Disputes: A Practical Guide

    I am happy to announce that my new  book, Arbitrating Patent Disputes: A Practical Guide came out today.    If you are interested, it is easiest to Google: "David Allgeyer ABA Arbitrating Patent Dispu...
    David Allgeyer
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  • I seek arbitration

    I have a contract with a company which has been unwilling to pay me back loaned money + interest. How do I file for arbitration?   Thanks, Eric
    Eric Timm
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  • New Arbitrator location! 185 Willis

    It's under construction at the moment but below are the inspiration photos for the finished product. It has private parking for arbitrators and for litigatants. It will be fully renovated and open as a hearing locatio...
    Amanda Kronin
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  • Arbitration Clauses:  Watch  State Law

      In past articles, we have discussed how many courts once were hostile to arbitration. This led Congress to pass the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”), 9 U.S.C.§1 et seq., in 1925.  That Act...
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  • How do you get government contracts in Mediation

    I was wondering does anyone have government contracts.
    Jerry Hall
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  • fees

    please tell me the fee structure for arbitrators
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  • When an assignor is a minor may the parent or guardian assign the no fault claim absent a court order?

    This issue has bothered me for years. I initially believed that the law required a court order for an assigned claim brought on behalf of an injured minor based upon an interpretation of CPLR 1209. I know there are ot...
    Victor Moritz
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  • Interesting decision re: prima facie burden of "by report" service

    In Blackman v. Allstate Ins. Co., NYLJ Dec. 22, 2016 (Civil Court Kings County), the court held that, while it was "cognizant of the importance of the submission of additional information for services billed pursuant ...
    Andrew Horn
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  • New Course on Use of ADR in IP/Technology Disputes Announced

    Making the Most of Arbitration and Mediation in IP and Technology Cases. Mediation and arbitration for IP and technology disputes is now commonplace. Success with those processes, however, requires counsel to understa...
    David Allgeyer
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  • From ABA Just Resolutions:  Preparing for Patent Mediation

    I was honored to have a chance to work with Magistrate Judge Jeff Keyes on a recent article published in Just Resolutions eNews, presented by the Intellectual Property Law Committee of the ABA.  Here is the intro...
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  • State Farm, Fee Schedule and Attorney's fees

    I know that 11 NYCRR 65-4.6(h) provides that no attorney's fees are payable where billing is above the fee schedule (unless it's a matter of interpretation). I haven't heard this argument in years. In my own experienc...
    Giovanna Tuttolomondo
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  • The Supreme Court’s Recent Cut-back of Patent Holder Advantages: Effect on Patent Arbitration?

      Two very recent decisions by the United States Supreme Court have eliminated some of the advantages to which patent holders have become accustomed in the last few decades.   Goodbye Texas   The fi...
    David Allgeyer
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  • Same day courthouse mediation? Still about relationships!

    Volunteering with CAMP in Santa Monica offering same day Unlawful Detainer mediations.  This is certainly a fast paced experience.  I am left with the same conclusion as I reach after every mediation, i.e., ...
    Joyce Craig
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  • about arbitration in New York

    A Hongkong shipping company failed to make payment to my company which is registered in Singapore. Law clause in the contract said arbitration in New York. Can AAA handle the case and award a ruling so we can arrest t...
    created by XINZHI REN

    I have  a case involving an LSO and cervical traction unit dispensed in April 2015. Respondent issued payment at 150 percent of the wholesale invoice, maintaining that where there is no DME fee schedule amount al...
    Giovanna Tuttolomondo
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  • Out of state Policy

    I would appreciate any thoughts on this set of facts: The accident occurred in Connecticut. The EIP (driver) is a New York resident. The owner of the vehicle is a Connecticut resident. The EIP is listed on the policy ...
    Rhonda Barry
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  • Estoppel, service not mentioned in peer

    I have a case involving the facility fee associated with LES injections. Both the facility fee and injections were denied on a single peer review. However, the peer does not state that the facility fees or "other asso...
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  • Biography

    Military Biography Attached
    Murray Hansen
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  • Appellate Division re: insurer's burden to show that EUO notices timely

    In Kemper Independence Ins. Co. v. Adelaida Physical Therapy, P.C., 2017 NY Slip Op 00916 (1st Dept. Feb. 7, 2017), the Appellate Division reversed the lower court because the insurer "failed to supply sufficient evid...
    Andrew Horn
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  • When did you last review your ADR clause?

    As a case administrator, I encounter poorly-drafted ADR provisions more often than I would like. Many people assume one boilerplate template will suffice for any type of contract, but that's simply not true. Think of ...
    Sarah Clayton, Esq.
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