• What is a Field Engineer?

    There are various career options that you will find once the time comes for you to make a decision in this regard. One of these is a field engineer. If you are wondering what is a field engineer, we are going to shed ...
    Mohd Azher
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  • Unsure....IME Scheduling Letters

    IME no show.  The letters were addressed correctly with the proper street address and zip code.  Instead of the name of the Town, however, they wrote "Suffolk, NY".  The town was correct on the submissi...
    Joanne Andreotta
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  • Failure to subscribe EUO is violation of condition precedent to coverage

    In Hertz Vehicles, LLC. v. Gejo, LLC, 2018 NY Slip 03608 (1st Dept. May 17, 2018), the Appellate Division ruled that the failure to subscribe and return the transcript of an examination under oath violated a condition...
    Andrew Horn
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  • How To Test The Waters Before Diving Into Blockchain

    Is your organization ready for blockchain or distributed ledger technology? There is certainly no lack of enthusiasm. A recent survey of 200 business leaders by SAP finds while 92 percent view blockchain as an opportu...
    katherine tk
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  • What are the biggest obstacles to resolve a business divorce where the parties are interdependent, and one feels there is still room to grow?

    What are the biggest obstacles to resolve a business divorce where the parties are interdependent, and one feels there is still room to grow?   My own view is that the parties need to continue together till they...
    William Bierce
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  • Additional PIP and NF11

    I just heard an American Transit Case where prior arbitrators found that the workers Comp defense was without merit. Some claims were paid. Respondent’s counsel stated that 50k in basic PIP has been exhausted bu...
    Pamela Hirschhorn
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  • ABA Arbitration Webinars on March 14 and April 12

    The ABA-IPL Section has just made the following announcement. ABA members, please join us for these webinars, March 14 noon Central and April 12 noon Central time.ABA members, please join us for these webinars, March ...
    David Allgeyer
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  • automation anywhere Vs Automated testing

    We are looking for automation processes and we read about automation anywhere . We do have regular automated functional testing tool. Why cant we use them in production versus buying huge license product such as autom...
    emma blisa
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  • Court rejects exhaustion defense raised post-judgment

    In Breeze Acupuncture, P.C. v Allstate Ins. Co. (2018 NY Slip Op 50138(U)), the insurer sought to modify a judgment to "zero on grounds that (the) insured exhausted no-fault the limits of the relevant policy." The cou...
    Andrew Horn
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  • International class arbitration

    Does AAA (or JAMS or any other institution) also administer international class arbitration cases? Where parties (Claimants and/or Respondent) come from different countries, mostly outside the USA, but all signed an a...
    created by ambroz
  • Input Needed: Collateral Estoppel/Res Judicata Question

    First case involving same patient/different provider I ruled against the Respondent on a staged accident defense.  Case No. 17-16-1042-8794.  My decision was appealed and affirmed by Master Peter Merani who ...
    Joanne Andreotta
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  • New portal for the opioid situation.

    With the new wave of pharmaceutical cases one never knows what we are getting into. I recently wrote a decision that may be of interest relating to No Fault as a conduit to the world of controlled substances. A portio...
    Martin Schulman
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  • Lawyers and Arbitration: A Special Case?

      Many lawyers include arbitration clauses in their retainer agreements with their clients. Arbitration offers a faster, less expensive, and more private way to deal with fee disputes or claims made by clients i...
    David Allgeyer
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  • How long does Arbitration take from start to finish?

    Hi! I am in a contractual dispute with a supplier and was told binding arbitration is less expensive and can be finalized in a timely fashion. What is the range in time of how long the process normally takes?
    Louis Ferraro
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  • Hoping someone can help me. I'm in arbitrations with a corrupt arbitrator

    Can anyone help me, please?   I'm in a NJ Family Law mediatorarbitrator to Arbitration with a very corrupt arbitrator.   NJ 2A:248 allows me to overrule for corruption, fraud, bias, failure to admit materi...
    Amy Levenson
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    TOPIC: RESERVING INDIGENOUS RIGHTS IN REGARDS TO ALLODIAL TITLE I am seeking opinion...Who holds the right to choose and register a name or title at birth? Indigenous people, local government, state government, feder...
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  • Interesting case on policy exhaustion

    Shawn Kelleher
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  • Personal health insurance?

    Hello all, I was wondering if you all would mind sharing your health insurance plan info? I have to sign up as a single and all of the options are horrendously expensive. Help! Lol 
    Amanda Kronin
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  • New Data About Arbitration:  It’s Faster

    In past articles, I’ve discussed the attitude lawyers may have to arbitrating business disputes.  Some hate it.  They simply do not believe that arbitration actually saves time or money.  They wil...
    David Allgeyer
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  • My seller is playing games

    I am a realtor and my client just cancelled the listing. I went to the MLS to change the status and found out that they had signed up with another agent two weeks ago. What are my options? I presented them with a qual...
    Michael Vaughn
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