• Available from Shopaba.org and Amazon:  Arbitrating Patent Disputes

      Those of you interested in Patent Arbitration may want to consider Arbitrating Patent Disputes, A Practical Guide.  The book takes a practical approach to patent arbitration from whether or not it is a go...
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  • CD_Jul14_rc3689rc1720.pdf

    Your Arbitration Process Should be Economical and Efficient, see Sec.1:112.
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  • New Course on Use of ADR in IP/Technology Disputes Announced

    Making the Most of Arbitration and Mediation in IP and Technology Cases. Mediation and arbitration for IP and technology disputes is now commonplace. Success with those processes, however, requires counsel to understa...
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  • Do you hold Hearings on June 7th?

    I'm looking to switch my hearing day (Wednesday June 5th 10am-2:15pm) to Friday June 7th?  My husband and I are trying to go away for our anniversary.  I hold hearings at 1225 Franklin Ave.  If you are ...
  • Modria

    Is anyone having trouble logging onto Modria
  • Allay Med Serv v Nationwide- Civil Kings case.

    Just saw this decision in the NYLJ. Motion made by carrier to uphold EUO no show defense.  Court, on its own in C-K denied motion based upon the fact that the affidavit by claims "did not indicate if the envelope...
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  • New portal for the opioid situation.

    With the new wave of pharmaceutical cases one never knows what we are getting into. I recently wrote a decision that may be of interest relating to No Fault as a conduit to the world of controlled substances. A portio...
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  • Should Fact-Finders Focus on "What Might Have Been?"

    I recently began a fact-finding report by observing:                            &...
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  • Office Space Available

    If anyone is looking to relocate I have office space available.  Quiet, clean, ample parking, GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD. Fridge, coffee maker/tea, microwave, restroom, receptionist.  Conference room that is used as...
  • Save-the-date International Legal Alliance Summit and Awards June 19 New York City

    International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards Date: June 19, 2014 Place: Hilton New York Hotel, 1335 Sixth Avenue, New York   http://www.ilasummit.com
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  • Westchester_Magazine_Sept-20.pdf

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  • ADR Program in Silicon Valley: Advanced Issues in Tech ADR

    Below is the text of an announcement for an ADR program I am very happy to be part of. For more information, please go to: https://www3.wipo.int/registration/en/form.jsp?organization=WIPO&registration_id=325&am...
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  • Denial and Unsigned IME

    Has anyone come across a case where applicant contends the denial is defective due to the IME being dated and signed after the denial was issued? Ex: IME held 10/2/17 with effective date of 10/16/17, general denial is...
    Glen Cacchioli
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  • 2014_Managing_a_Successful_Arbitration_NewYork.pdf

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  • Upcoming ADR Seminar in Silicon Valley with WIPO and SVAMC in cooperation with the U.S. Patent Office

    Below is the text of an announcement for an ADR program I am very happy to be part of. For more information, please go to: https://www3.wipo.int/registration/en/form.jsp?organization=WIPO&registration_id=325&...
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  • ABA Arbitration Webinars on March 14 and April 12

    The ABA-IPL Section has just made the following announcement. ABA members, please join us for these webinars, March 14 noon Central and April 12 noon Central time.ABA members, please join us for these webinars, March ...
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  • International class arbitration

    Does AAA (or JAMS or any other institution) also administer international class arbitration cases? Where parties (Claimants and/or Respondent) come from different countries, mostly outside the USA, but all signed an a...
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  • Lawyers and Arbitration: A Special Case?

      Many lawyers include arbitration clauses in their retainer agreements with their clients. Arbitration offers a faster, less expensive, and more private way to deal with fee disputes or claims made by clients i...
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  • How long does Arbitration take from start to finish?

    Hi! I am in a contractual dispute with a supplier and was told binding arbitration is less expensive and can be finalized in a timely fashion. What is the range in time of how long the process normally takes?
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  • Hoping someone can help me. I'm in arbitrations with a corrupt arbitrator

    Can anyone help me, please?   I'm in a NJ Family Law mediatorarbitrator to Arbitration with a very corrupt arbitrator.   NJ 2A:248 allows me to overrule for corruption, fraud, bias, failure to admit materi...
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