• Do you hold Hearings on June 7th?

    I'm looking to switch my hearing day (Wednesday June 5th 10am-2:15pm) to Friday June 7th?  My husband and I are trying to go away for our anniversary.  I hold hearings at 1225 Franklin Ave.  If you are ...
  • Modria

    Is anyone having trouble logging onto Modria
  • Allay Med Serv v Nationwide- Civil Kings case.

    Just saw this decision in the NYLJ. Motion made by carrier to uphold EUO no show defense.  Court, on its own in C-K denied motion based upon the fact that the affidavit by claims "did not indicate if the envelope...
    Charles Sloane
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  • New portal for the opioid situation.

    With the new wave of pharmaceutical cases one never knows what we are getting into. I recently wrote a decision that may be of interest relating to No Fault as a conduit to the world of controlled substances. A portio...
    Martin Schulman
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  • Should Fact-Finders Focus on "What Might Have Been?"

    I recently began a fact-finding report by observing:                            &...
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  • Office Space Available

    If anyone is looking to relocate I have office space available.  Quiet, clean, ample parking, GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD. Fridge, coffee maker/tea, microwave, restroom, receptionist.  Conference room that is used as...
  • Save-the-date International Legal Alliance Summit and Awards June 19 New York City

    International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards Date: June 19, 2014 Place: Hilton New York Hotel, 1335 Sixth Avenue, New York   http://www.ilasummit.com
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  • Denial and Unsigned IME

    Has anyone come across a case where applicant contends the denial is defective due to the IME being dated and signed after the denial was issued? Ex: IME held 10/2/17 with effective date of 10/16/17, general denial is...
    Glen Cacchioli
    created by Glen Cacchioli
  • International class arbitration

    Does AAA (or JAMS or any other institution) also administer international class arbitration cases? Where parties (Claimants and/or Respondent) come from different countries, mostly outside the USA, but all signed an a...
    created by ambroz
  • How long does Arbitration take from start to finish?

    Hi! I am in a contractual dispute with a supplier and was told binding arbitration is less expensive and can be finalized in a timely fashion. What is the range in time of how long the process normally takes?
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  • Hoping someone can help me. I'm in arbitrations with a corrupt arbitrator

    Can anyone help me, please?   I'm in a NJ Family Law mediatorarbitrator to Arbitration with a very corrupt arbitrator.   NJ 2A:248 allows me to overrule for corruption, fraud, bias, failure to admit materi...
    created by Amy Levenson
  • Interesting case on policy exhaustion

    Shawn Kelleher
    created by Shawn Kelleher
  • Personal health insurance?

    Hello all, I was wondering if you all would mind sharing your health insurance plan info? I have to sign up as a single and all of the options are horrendously expensive. Help! Lol 
    created by Amanda Kronin
  • Modria format and possible improvements

    In a recent posting under a different heading there was the suggestion that the nature of the Modria format itself created the need for Arbitrators to expend unreasonably amounts of time to evaluate and address the is...
    Martin Schulman
    created by Martin Schulman
  • Arbitration case in New Orleans, LA on June 16, 2016 at Transdev

    I am searching for answer and Arbitrator that was over this class action case of "FLSA" ATU Local 1560 v Transdev.......... (Valerie Jefferson as leading the class action
  • Lost wage offsets

    Is the insurance carrier entitled to offset the amounts paid for social security disability benefits and from a disability pension?
    Andrew Horn
    created by Andrew Horn
  • New Arbitrator location! 185 Willis

    It's under construction at the moment but below are the inspiration photos for the finished product. It has private parking for arbitrators and for litigatants. It will be fully renovated and open as a hearing locatio...
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  • How do you get government contracts in Mediation

    I was wondering does anyone have government contracts.
    created by Jerry Hall
  • Interesting decision re: prima facie burden of "by report" service

    In Blackman v. Allstate Ins. Co., NYLJ Dec. 22, 2016 (Civil Court Kings County), the court held that, while it was "cognizant of the importance of the submission of additional information for services billed pursuant ...
    Andrew Horn
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  • Same day courthouse mediation? Still about relationships!

    Volunteering with CAMP in Santa Monica offering same day Unlawful Detainer mediations.  This is certainly a fast paced experience.  I am left with the same conclusion as I reach after every mediation, i.e., ...
    created by Joyce Craig