Available from Shopaba.org and Amazon:  Arbitrating Patent Disputes

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Those of you interested in Patent Arbitration may want to consider Arbitrating Patent Disputes, A Practical Guide.  The book takes a practical approach to patent arbitration from whether or not it is a good idea to arbitrate patent disputes, to enforcing and attacking the award and lots of ground in between.  The book is available on ShopABA.org.  While the book focuses on patent arbitration, it also provides guidance regarding key issues in commercial arbitration. Follow this link to learn more:https://www.americanbar.org/products/inv/book/280191418/


You may also be interested in a two part webinar I did with two other ABA authors, Harrie Samaras and David Newman on leveraging the benefits of arbitration in commercial disputes. The recording is also available from ShopABA.org.