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Hoping someone can help me. I'm in arbitrations with a corrupt arbitrator

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Can anyone help me, please?


I'm in a NJ Family Law mediatorarbitrator to Arbitration with a very corrupt arbitrator.


NJ 2A:248 allows me to overrule for corruption, fraud, bias, failure to admit material evidence etc.  But I do not want to have to work with this corrupt arbitrator or any NJ arbitrator behind closed doors after the 4 year Lord Of the Flies arbitration I've been through.  They have effectively pushed me to the brink of bankruptcy which is why I am pro se.


More importantly, I want a clean court system.  How do I ensure that no NJ person or any US citizen will be subject to this corrupt arbitrator in the future? and what liability does the law firm he is "of counsel" have.  How do I bar him from all future UAA and NJ aribtration participation


1) In the hearing after I point out his void and invalid contract, he emphatically assures me that I have no possible means for appealing an arbitration ruling by him. That is has no possible appeal and asks me "who are you going to appeal to- yourself?


2) he refuses to admit material evidence such as bank statements from national banks, to prove millions of dollars of income from non protected trusts towards the other side (plaintiff) for child support purposes


3) he refuses to admit any evidence which does not underscore the predetermined outcome that the Plaintiff owes me no child support because he refuses to allow any evidence which proves that point.


4) he does not adhere to any UAA/FAA or NJ Arbitration rules such as his refusing to Adjourn when 1500 pages of material evidence were dumped on me right before the scheduled hearing---despite my proper notice and Federal Statute 1988 requiring up to 30-day adjournment. And he won't provide reasons why


5) he allows the plaintiff, under the cross, to be live coached by his attorney, multiple times. And when, As pro se representative, object, he goes into verbal attack of me and threatens to walk out (all of the above has either email proof of stenographer proof)

56 he allowed the plaintiff to have live use of a connected IPAD where I suspect he was getting further legal team assistance, as one attorney was mysteriously absent for his cross.


6) Corruption and Fraud - for months or years he has agreed to fraudulent (low) numbers (which as mediator he provided In Camera review for his future role as sole arbitrator (without the NJ Minkowitz waiver or the UAA waiver requirements and put in in the consent order --which never should have been accepted by court). He agreed the plaintiff was receiving about 1/10th of the actual dollars plaintif did receive from trusts which plaintiff's corrupt arbitrator gave him over the years.  i.e  30k vs. 400k on average.


7) numerous ex parte's